A Fresh Start

Karen aka Lady KHello Friends! Karen aka Lady K here and I am happy to be starting fresh with this, the official Lady K Quilts blog. Back in 2012 I had created a blog with the address Lady K’s Craft Room but since then I have built the name Lady K Quilts into a notable and recognizable handle over on Instagram so I wanted to be consistent with my blog address. So a fresh start is how I am making that happen and I hope you’ll visit often. Here I will share what I am working on in my studio. I will talk about the various quilt books and magazines that I buy and projects within them that I actually make. Also I ama a fabric collector (read “hoarder”) and I am not ashamed. LOL! I am a big fan of sew and quilt alongs on Instagram and blogs/websites so I will share about that stuff too.

I consider myself a Modern Quilter with Traditional roots. I love classic quilt blocks and designs but I am obsessed with the fabrics being designed and produced today but I also love and find inspiration in the repro fabrics of the 1930’s and Civil War era.

The Modern Quilt Guild is something I wish I didn’t have to be an online member of. Unfortunately there isn’t a local guild within a 2 hour drive of my house in Central California. Boo. Fortunately I have discovered the wonderful modern quilting community that is alive and well on Instagram. It has been a wonderful experience and I love the friendships I have made with fellow quilters out there. Some I have been lucky enough to meet in person here and there, but mostly we are all online and support each other through our photos and comments.

So, with that said, I hope you will join me here on a (hopefully) regular basis.

Happy Quilting!



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