Outside the box

Never Say Never!

I am a Modern Tratitional Quilter.  I love to play with fabric, design patterns or sew up an already established pattern, create and make quilts and pillows of all shapes and sizes.  My friends know I don’t sew other things.  Well, this past weekend I stepped way outside of my comfort zone and made not one but THREE purses.  And guess what?  I enjoyed it!  

Let me start from the beginning.  My dear friend, Anna @hottnhaller on Instagram, flew out to visit me from Pennsylvania this past weekend.  We originally met on Instagram, then eventually in real life.  She’s inspirational and experienced in the art of quilt, bag and garment making as well as knitting.  She’s a wonderful person and intellegent and fun too.  I trust her so shen she propsed that I make something outside of my comfort zone, I was game.  With that, we went on an epic shop hop of our own, visiting Birch Fabric aka Fabricworm in Paso Robles, CA, Quiltin’ Cousins in Pismo Beach, CA and Picking Daisies in San Luis Obispo, CA and later in the weekend we visited the shop I work at in Fresno, CA, Authorized Vac & Sew.  With our arsenal of fabrics in hand, Anna led me through my patterns.  I had chosen the 241 Tote Bag and Large Envelope Clutch by Noodlehead Designs.  

Noodle-Head Designs‘ patterns are great!  I had never made a bag before and I feel confident that I will be able to make these two bags on my own, without Anna’s guidance.  Of course the most fun part of making anything, in my opinion, is selecting the fabrics for the project.  Honestly, I had only planned on making one of each pattern but I was inspired by one of my fabrics in my stash, the tea colorway of one of the beautiful lady prints from Alexander Henry Fabrics, and I had to make a second 241 Tote.  Sometimes I am surprised how fabrics from different manufactures can compliment each other so beautifully.  I selected a Cotton + Steel Basic, Art Gallery Fabric and an Amy Butler print from Free Spirit/Westminster Fabrics along with that Alexander Henry print.  For the first 241 Tote I used Robert Kaufman’s Essex Linen in navy, a print from Carolyn Friendlander’s popular DOE collection and Art Gallery Fabrics’ Prism Elements.  For the Envelope Clutch I used a stunning red and white graphic floral print from Alexander Henry Fabrics paired with the black and white ARCHITECTURES print by Carolyn Friendlander and a cool black and white print from Michael Miller Fabrics.  I love how all three purses turned out.  


I hope that you will step outside your sewing comfort zone and try to make something new to you too.  You might not like doing it int he end but you just might.  You won’t know until you try.  I don’t know that making bags will become a regular part of my sewing project docket but I will make one occassionaly so I don’t forget the different skills and techniques I learned with Anna, like piping, sewing with a 3/8′ seam and basic bag construction.  

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