Circa 15 Fabric Studio

I’ve been living in the Seattle area for twenty months now.  Hubby and I are lucky to be living near my cousins and aunts for the time being, and he has really made strides in his career here.  I struck gold myself when I started working for Kristen Suzuki in her quilt shop, Circa 15 Fabric Studioover a year ago.  I am passionate about the shop, the products we provide customers in our brick ‘n mortar and online shop, and the projects I have the pleasure of stitching up to be displayed in the store in Downtown Kirkland.  Next month is Circa 15’s 2 year anniversary, and in a way this touching TV interview is kicking off an exciting time for us.

iPhone 3.24.2017 033

iPhone 3.24.2017 034.JPG

Last month a local TV personality and reporter wandered into the store and introduced herself to Kristen.  Malia Karlinsky can be seen on KOMO 4’s local show, Seattle Refined. She wanted to see if there was a story behind our beautiful shop.  After talking with Kristen, she decided there was, and scheduled an interview to be taped in our Kirkland shop for a few weeks later.  It was a thrilling day for Kristen, me, and my co-workers Kristi, Sharon, and Carolyn, a customer of ours.  We cheered Kristen on as she answered in detail, questions about the quilting industry, modern fabrics, quilts that she and I have made that hang on the walls, and most importantly, her own back story and the road that led her to owning Circa 15 Fabric Studio.

iPhone 3.24.2017 433

Follow this LINK to watch the segment yourself, and remember that sometimes online shops are actually local quilt shops, and we pride ourselves in providing the best materials to our customers near and far.

iPhone 3.24.2017 431iPhone 3.24.2017 035

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