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Lady K’s Quilt Market Favorites ~ Episode 1

This past weekend the quilting industry descended on Houston, TX for the semi-annual International Quilt Market.  It’s always an exciting time for shop owners/employees, designers, manufacturers, and lovers of all things quilty.  I traveled with the owner of Circa 15 Fabric Studio, Kristen Suzuki, and we had a grand time rubbing elbows with industry leaders, sharing ideas with old and new friends, checking out what this industry has to offer in the coming year, and as always with us, eating some yummy food and enjoying ourselves.

Of course, the main reason for going to Quilt Market is to see what is new and fresh on the horizon.  I will be sharing a series of posts with you here, consisting of sneak peeks, favorites of mine, and some upcoming fabrics that you’ll be able to buy from Circa 15 Fabric Studio.  First off is Cathi Bessell-Browne aka Gertrude Made and her upcoming sequel collection, “Outback Wife 2017”.  Cathi’s new designs raise the bar for design, color, elegance, beauty, and all together must have fabrics.  “Outback Wife 2017” is printed on the most luxurious barkcloth, and for the first time with this new collection, Cotton/Merino Wool blend. These fabrics are not only ideal for garment making, but also have become of favorite of quilters because it makes our projects even more special.  I’m going to let the pictures I took of Cathi and her sensational Outback Wife booth say the rest.

*OutBack Wife 2017 floral barkcloth fabrics are available for Pre-Sale on the Circa 15 website RIGHT NOW.  You can check it all out and secure your order by CLICKING HERE.




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