These Blocks Are So Fun!

Week three of the #DesignerDuoQAL kicks off today and I hope you’re having as much fun with your Kaleidoscope Quilt as I am.  These blocks are really great with so many fabrics, as you can see with the kits that people are using.  Some of y’all are doing what I’m doing and applying completely different fabrics in this process, and it really surprises me when the same block comes out with such contrast to the original versions.

Nancy and Sarah have used their own collections in their versions and I am using Sarah Golden’sAround Town” collection, a new one from Andover Fabrics.  It’s got stripes and polka dots in addition to great directional prints that make it somewhat challenging to piece with at times.  It’s just important to stay organized when cutting, creating layouts, and stitching.

Nancy Rink’s 3rd block using SEAGLASS Fabrics
Sarah Maxwell’s 3rd block using BRIGHT ON THE BUBBLY Fabrics 
My 3rd block using Around Town fabrics

A tip I have when using stripes and directional prints is treat your cutting like fussy cutting.  Of course things are always easier when the prints are printed straight on the fabric but sometimes that isn’t always the case.  (Though I was lucky with the Around Town fabrics being printed straight.) Use some spray starch, I prefer Flatter by Soak, and when making your initial press, lightly spray your starch over the fabric.  This way the fabric is prepped for cutting that may not be exactly on the grain.  I then fussy cut my first WOF cut with my 6″ x 24″ ruler, and then I use a smaller ruler to get the multiple, smaller cuts.  Always measure twice and then cut once.  In block three this week you will have to cut 5 1/4″ squares out of two fabrics.  In my case it was the B&W stripe and the directional houses print.  I make sure to keep my fabrics in the order they came out when I cut the square into quarters.  It then allows me to keep everything nice and the way I want the block to look in the end.  This also goes for keeping the directionality of the stripe fabric organized.  Then it’s really just stitching up your units and block as usual.  I also find I work better if I put away each fabric when I’m done cutting what I need from it.  That way my workspace is clean and I don’t get confused by what I have laying out.

I look forward to see everyone’s blocks this week in the Designer’s Duo Facebook group and on Instagram using #designerduoqal.

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