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(CLOSED) I call it a “Quilter’s Companion”💖 ➕ a GIVEAWAY


Back in May I attended Janome America’s inaugural Education Summit in New Jersey. It was during that fun filled week that I saw Crafter’s Companion Gemini die cutting machine and their new Build-A-Block die cut system in person. At first I was skeptical. I am a very fast and precise cutter with my rotary cutter/ruler/mat. I didn’t need something to help me do what I was already doing successfully. Then I saw it in action and I have to admit I was impressed. There was no hand cranking needed because the Gemini is an electric machine. It uses incredible pressure and it’s that pressure paired with the sandwich combo of plastic plates and metal and plastic shivs along with the Build-A-Block die cut shapes that provides a perfect cut of fabric. My first thought when I saw it in action was that I have arthritis in my hands and a bit of carpal tunnel in my right hand, from years of cutting fabric with a rotary cutter while working in quilt shops. Go figure! I saw a healthier process when it comes to cutting specific shapes that I honestly use in my quilt making in almost every project. Because the BAB system allows for cutting squares, half-square triangles, and quarter-square triangles in six individual sizes per shape, I’m pretty covered in the most common block sizes. That’s a total of eighteen dies and I love that they aren’t sharp. I can actually hold them in my hand without a worry because it’s that pressure system that cuts the fabric, not blades.

Fast forward to later this summer and I was approached by Crafter’s Companion to design a pattern for them in honor of the launch of the Build-A-Block system this week. I said yes within an instant and upon receiving the Gemini and BAB I realized just how valuable they were going to be in my quilt making process.

Not only is the BAB system fun to use and a quick cut, I discovered the best thing it does in my opinion. When it comes to making half-square and Quarter-Square triangles I wasn’t having to draw and cut on the line, or square up those units. Now it takes me a fraction of the time it was taking to sew up HST & QST units, especially since the perfect 1/4″ seam allowance is built into that shape’s die cut size. That is the biggest game changer!!

As I use these tools to make the quilt I’m designing for Crafter’s Companion, I know that using this system won’t stop when this quilt is done. The Gemini and Build-A-Block system are now a staple in my studio and I appreciate what they do for me and my projects. That pattern I’m working on will be debuting in early September so stay tuned! Thanks to Moda Fabrics for making such lush fabrics like Grunge Basics by BasicGrey and Jen Kingwell’s upcoming collection, “Looking Forward“.

If you think this system would be a perfect fit in your crafting and making adventures and are feeling lucky then you’re going to want to enter my giveaway to win your very own Crafter’s Companion Gemini machine and Build-A-Block system (valued at $359.90).

To be eligible you must accomplish the three following tasks:

■ Like Crafter’s Companion on Facebook.

■ Follow Crafter’s Companion on Instagram.

■ Visit the Build-A-Block project page on and then come back to this blog post and please leave a comment telling us which project is your favorite.

This giveaway contest will be open from Monday, August 20th through Monday, August 27th at Midnight PST. I will announce the lucky winner the following day here and over on my Instagram account, Lady K Quilts.

*Lady K Quilts is happy to be a #brandpartner with Crafter’s Companion. ✂️

40 thoughts on “(CLOSED) I call it a “Quilter’s Companion”💖 ➕ a GIVEAWAY”

  1. I like all the projects but I really like the Double Links table runner! I can imagine it in so many different fabrics! Great giveaway!

  2. I’ve wanted to challenge myself to work with smaller pieces so I would love to try the coasters. Would be a fun project to try facing to finish as well.

  3. Hiya

    I love the reading cushion as it’s so versatile. You could use themed fabric and make this for a child or use fabric like in the picture for an adult. So many options! 😁

    Such a clever machine!

  4. I like the Double Link Table Runner. That very geometric pattern is my style! Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. ok….A) I’m so thrilled you shared this amazing gadget with me! B) this is seriously a timesaving, lifesaving studio “companion!” And C) the Tulip Bed Runner project is super adorbs!

  6. I like the cot quilt and the double link table runner and the tulip bed runner – I think you get that I like them all!!!

  7. I’m crazy about the coasters. I love all the little pieces….they would be tedious to cut by hand and I’m sure much easier with the BAB machine.

  8. I really like the hourglass wall hanging with the fringe at the bottom so cute!

    Also just so my entry is clear I liked the Facebook as “Taylor Dawson” (my name) and the Instagram from my fabric account “@masinmaker” not my personal account because I try to keep my crafty stuff separate because #algorithm

    loving your videos btw ❤️

  9. Karen this is very cool. I watched your videos then had to check it out. I think cutting is my least favofite part so this is very cool. I like the double link table runner. I cannot wait to see your pattern. 😉

  10. Fingers & Toes are crossed! It’s hard to choose a favorite but I love the tablet case and have lots of friends and family who would welcome this for Christmas! Hope we can do another DesignerDuo-QAL next year.
    I don’t have a Facebook account so used my husbands for the QAL and I also used his to like the Quilters Companion Facebook page. Thanks for all the great inspiration!

  11. The tablet case. No wait the mini quilt. No wait can’t choose. I just know this will be a game changer. So very exciting

  12. I love the double link table runner! I would like to make one for myself in batiks, and I can imagine looking at all my friends’ tables and deciding what fabrics to use for their gifts. Thanks for your informative and inspiring post. I hadn’t though much about fabric cutters before, but this sounds awesome! I want one!

  13. A churn dash quilt has been on my quilting bucket list for years. I love the variation that is the Large Quilt.

  14. oh i am a sucker for churn dash…has always been my favorite! i love the color combinations you used. thanks for the give away and good luck everyone!

  15. Great giveaway. I like the large quilt. Just thinking about cutting and swearing up time saving is mind blowing.

  16. I like the tablet case – actually I like almost all the projects. This system might be what I need to keep quilting with a compromised back. Having to lean over a ruler and rotary cutter is sometimes so painful that I end up knitting instead. (IG @hareshiccup)

  17. I love the coasters, for a fast completed project…but the idea that I could use it for my stash of paper is also intriguing 💚

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