“K” is for Kitchen, Kitschy, Kawaii, and Karen

It’s day eleven on the TYPECAST OF CHARACTERS Blog Tour and my stop on this fun alphabet train.  The TYPECAST OF CHARACTERS (TOC) pattern is the newest pattern from both Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill of Whole Circle Studio and Paper Pieces dot com.  Welcome to the Paper Pieces family of designers, Sheri!  Sheri’s developed and designed a genius English Paper Pieced pattern of  English alphabet.

The versatility and endless ideas that these EPP letters allows for is quite something.  I was overwhelmed with the onslaught of ideas to the point that it took me some time to even decide on which of my precious fabrics to use.  I thought about the letter “K” and the words that came to mind were kitchen, kitschy, kawaii (cute in Japanese), and my name.  lol  I was lucky enough to pick up a bundle of Kokka “Light Hearted” fabrics at the fall quilt market in 2014.  I thought it would be fun to fussy cut for the EPP “K” and then to build a pillow around it doing more fussy cutting of the different prints.  This pillow was so fun!  EPP letters are even MORE fun!!

TYPECAST letters come as a perforated sheet of that wonderful tan cardstock that Paper Pieces dot com is known for.  After separating the different units from each other, I measured out each one, being sure to add 3/8 inch seam allowance.  After cutting the fabrics for each unit, I then went about prepping each unit for hand stitching them together.  I use a Sewline Glue Pen to temporarily securing the fabric to the paper template, being sure to carefully fold the 3/8 inch seam allowance of fabric around the edges of the template.  I repeat that until all the templates and fabric are as I want them.  Using Aurifil 50wt thread in coordinating colors I carefully stitched all my “K” units together using Clover Clips to hold unit to unit as I went.

The next thing to do was to decide exactly how I was going to feature my letter.  I’m a sucker for pillows and I hadn’t made a new pillow sham in a really long time so that’s what I decided to make.  I had this fun rectangular pillow insert and decided to make a couple of cute yet simple blocks to bookend my letter.  I machine pieced the blocks and top as well as the envelope backing, and quilted the whole thing with Aurifil in 50 weight thread. I’m pretty pleased with how things turned out. My pillow sham measure 16″ high by 25″ wide.

I just love that there’s such a fun and useful way to make letters using English Paper Piecing now. The letters all finish at 9″ tall and between 5 5/8″ – 6 3/4″ wide. Sheri’s pattern for her letters gives you all the information you need to successfully assemble letters as well as some great tips.

Below please find the list of characters who are on this fun alphabet train with me. Thanks again for having me, Sheri!!

❤️ K

TYPECAST OF CHARACTERS BLOG TOUR hosted by Whole Circle Studio:
• Wednesday, March 27: Tour Introduction by Whole Circle Studio
• Monday, April 1 — A: Kate Brennan of Aurifil
• Tuesday, April 2 — B: Mathew Bourdreaux of Mister Domestic
• Wednesday, April 3 — C: Tara Curtis of Wefty Needle
• Thursday, April 4— D: Leah Day of Free Motion Quilting Project
• Friday, April 5 — Week 1 Wrap Up featuring A-D and GIVEAWAY at Whole Circle Studio
• Monday, April 8 — E: Jess Finn of Paper Pieces
• Tuesday, April 9 — F: Sylvia Schaefer of Flying Parrot Quilts
• Wednesday, April 10 — G: Giuseppe Ribaudo of Giucy Giuce
• Thursday, April 11— H: Hilary Jordan of By Hilary Jordan
• Friday, April 12 — Week 2 Wrap Up featuring E-H and GIVEAWAY at Whole Circle Studio
• Monday, April 15 — I: Kim Soper of Leland Ave Studios
• Tuesday, April 16 — J: Yvonne Fuchs of Quilting Jetgirl
 Wednesday, April 17 — K: Karen O’Connor of Lady K Quilts
 Thursday, April 18 — L: Kristy Daum of St. Louis Folk Victorian
 Friday, April 19 — Week 3 Wrap Up featuring I-L and GIVEAWAY at Whole Circle Studio
 Monday, April 22 — M: Molli Sparkles of Molli Sparkles
 Tuesday, April 23 — N: Nicole Daksiewicz of Modern Handcraft
 Wednesday, April 24 — O: Scott Hansen of Blue Nickel Studios
 Thursday, April 25 — P: Pat Sloan of Pat Sloan
 Friday, April 26 — Week 4 Wrap Up featuring M-P and GIVEAWAY at Whole Circle Studio
 Monday, April 29 — Q: Joanna Marsh of Kustom Kwilts
 Monday, April 29 — Q: Lindsay Széchényi of Lindsay Széchényi Patchwork Threads)
 Tuesday, April 30 — R: Andrea Tsang Jackson of 3rd Story Workshop
 Wednesday, May 1 — S: Sarah Thomas of Sariditty
 Thursday, May 2 — T: Rachel Rossi of Rachel Rossi
 Friday, May 3— Week 4 Wrap Up featuring Q-T and GIVEAWAY at Whole Circle Studio
 Monday, May 6 — U: Kitty Wilkin of Night Quilter
 Tuesday, May 7 — V: Jenn McMillan of Fabric, Ink
 Wednesday, May 8 — W: Jenny Meeker of Bobbin Roulette Studio
 Thursday, May 9 — X: Stephanie Kendron of Modern Sewciety
 Friday, May 10 — Week 5 Wrap Up featuring U-X and GIVEAWAY at Whole Circle Studio
 Monday, May 13 — Y: Debby Brown of Debby Brown Quilts
 Tuesday, May 14 — Z: Nisha Bouri and Kim Martucci of Brimfield Awakening
 Wednesday, May 15 — Week 6 Wrap Up featuring Y-Z, Tour closeout and GIVEAWAY at Whole Circle Studio

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