πŸ‘» Boo! It’s a GHOST! πŸ‘»πŸŽ€

It’s almost Halloween and we are ready!  At least the couch is.  It’s also October and my first month participating in the Aurifil Artisan Monthly Challenge.  Between now and next spring I will be making six projects using and showcasing my beloved Aurifil Thread.  This month my friends at Aurifil challenged us Artisans to create something using at least five different colors of Aurifil Thread.  I knew instantly what I would make and was excited to finally check out these two patterns.  “Boo!” is a sweet quilt pattern from The Pattern Basket and the other is “The Ghost Quilt” by Then Came June & Pen & Paper Patterns.  

We needed some Halloween pillows, and so did my niece, so I made two of each pattern’s block to make a total of four pillows.  “Boo” and “Ghost” are just too cute and they were both fun to cut out and stitch up.  I finally cut into one of my treasured bundles of Denyse Schmidt fabric, Eastham, and I paired it with some Quilter’s Linen and Carolyn Friedlander’s Architextures fabrics from Robert Kaufman.

Once I had pieced the blocks and put borders around them using Aurifil 2326 50wt, it was time to quilt them up.  Using my Janome Skyline S5 I quilted each pillow top with both zigzag and straight line stitches.  The shades of Aurifil I chose are as follows: 4647, 4656, 4660, 4651, 4648, 4670, 4658, 4250, and 3910 in 50 weight, and 4030 in 40 weight.  All but 4030 are variegated threads which make for the prettiest quilting in my opinion. 

Making a quilt sandwich of the top, batting, and pillow lining fabric (a solid light colored fabric or muslin work great for this) I went to town quilting all four pillows up.  My machine loves Aurifil so it makes for an enjoyable, although sometimes boring, quilting session.  Know what I mean?

Anyway, I just love how these pillows turned out and I’m so glad I cut into some beloved fabrics in order to make them.  The purple and orange fabrics are a great way to get that autumnal and festive vibe without being on the nose about it.  This way the ghosts do their jobs of being cute yet festive and go with the home dΓ©cor.  Now I just have to pick up Halloween candy and try and resist eating it all before Halloween.  Wish me luck!

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