QBR Series – Utility-Style ~ Quilts for Everyday Living by Sharon Holland

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Years ago I used to be a book reviewer over on Planet Books Blog.  I was an avid reader and reviewing new books, old favorites, and hosting author interviews was my passion.  Fast forward to today and I’ll shamefully admit that I haven’t had the attention span needed to really sit down and read a novel in a long while.  The books I read now are quilt books.  I’m always making and the quilt books I get are full of inspiration and sometimes I will make something out of them.  To kick off my new Quilt Book Review (QBR) Series, I’ll be talking about the following book.

Once in a while a quilt book lands in my hands that causes me to want to make every single quilt in it.  That is the case with Sharon Holland’s debut book, Utility-Style ~ Quilts for Everyday Living, from Landauer Publishing.  Sharon has invited me to participate in her upcoming blog tour for the book’s launch and I am having trouble picking a quilt to make from the beautiful pages inside.  She’s covered the gambit of styles; modern, minimalistic, traditional, and down right gorgeous quilts.  Her writing is welcoming, educational, and not intimidating at all.  Sharon has used a variety of vintage fabrics from her personal stash and paired them with the lovely fabrics from Art Gallery Fabrics, including her own delightful collections, reminding us that we should mix and blend fabrics more often.  I admit I have become very comfortable working within the parameters of  a single collection over the last few years, as I have been a sample maker for quilt shops.  I am excited to use a variety of fabrics and styles together in upcoming projects of mine, and I’ll do my best to do so with whichever quilt I select from Utility-Style ~ Quilts for Everyday Living.

So remember, the quilt blog book tour will be in December and I’m excited to be a part of it.  Until then, check out Sharon Holland’s website for inspiration, great tips, and pretty, free patterns, as well as patterns for purchase.  You can buy your own copy of her book HERE.

Happy Quilting!

XO – Lady K