Lady K Quilts Etsy Shoppe


You read that headline correctly!! Today I’m launching Lady K Quilts PDF pattern shoppe on Etsy with the release of my SUMMER LIGHTS Quilt. I am beyond excited yet nervous about it all because it’s a huge step for me. I understand that the market is flooded with new quilt patterns daily it seems. Between magazines, other Etsy shops and free patterns on blogs, there are a plethora of designs to choose from. I have released patterns in magazines as well as some free ones here on this blog, but I have felt the desire to step into the ring of downloadable patterns for a while now. Today I’m making it a reality.

With the launch of SUMMER LIGHTS, I hope to give you a pattern that will allow you to create your own quilts using the beautiful larger prints in your stash or that you’ve been eyeing to buy, paired with solids or complimentary prints that will showcase those coveted pieces. In my case I showcased the animal prints in Tula Pink’s ALL STARS collection from Free Spirit. Using the ALL STAR COORDINATES and KONA SOLIDS I created a palette that makes for a great secondary design in the alternating blocks around the main blocks using the animal prints, as well as a cool lattice design that runs through the quilt.

The two blocks I used to make this all happen are rooted in traditional design. I believe, like in dance, music, and art, learning the basics in order to create something fresh and new is very important. Half Square Triangles and Flying Geese units make up these blocks. I also believe in enjoying the process. My designs are not going to be weekend makes. They are going to take a little more time but I believe that that time creates a relationship with the project. Putting your heart into something makes for an even more special make. I love every step of making a quilt top. Fabric selection, pressing, cutting, sewing, trimming, borders, assembly, binding, they are all such important steps in the process. I admit I have a longarmer work their magic on the quilting of the quilt but that’s just my personal preference. All that said, you will make something that hopefully will teach you something or at least give you a new idea or a nice reminder of how things are done.

In my patterns you will get well written and sensible instructions, diagrams, a coloring page, and hopefully a finish that you will love. Lady K Quilts patterns are tested by quilters of every level of experience to ensure cohesiveness and clear understanding. In addition to these valuable people, I work with Kerry Bogert of Maker Books for editing, format, and that professional industry eye I want to be sure my product is ready for sale. Grab your PDF download copy of SUMMER LIGHTS here.

Creating original quilt designs is one of my favorite things to do. I have a number of designs in different stages of development to eventually offer as patterns to you as well. Thank you!!

– Lady K❣️

Designer Duo 2019 Launch

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img_3008.jpgWelcome to the DESIGNER DUO 2019!  This year we are making Nancy Rink and Sarah Maxwell’s quilt pattern, MIX IT UP.  These ladies have crafted up a quilt sampler that is not only fun to make but offers some design options that are customizable by you.  Consisting of three block sizes, 18″, 12″ and 6″, the quilt finishes at 78″ x 90″.  This quilt is nice and big and will be a favorite make for sure.  Don’t worry!  This first week is all about gathering your fabrics, pattern booklet, and a game plan.

When it came to making my version I chose to use all the blocks in the book except for two of the 12″ block designs.  It was a personal preference but because I made two of each of the 18″ and the other 12″ blocks but made them look totally different from their pair.  In my last post here I provided the fabric requirements to make my version.  Matching Kona Solid colors to the prints in Robert Kaufman Fabric’s On the Lighter Side collection made for a super fun palette.

So next Friday, May 24th, the first block will be discussed and you will get started on your quilt.  Unless of course you are a typical quilter and you got started as soon as your kit/pattern, pattern book, and your own fabric choices were purchased.  For more information on everything be sure to visit Nancy’s blog HERE, as well the designated Facebook group HERE, if you use FB.

Here is a photo I took of my MIX IT UP quilt while Hubby and I were on vacation a couple of weeks ago in Whistler, B.C.  He’s the best quilt holder EVER and at a towering 6’4″ and a vast wingspan, he makes my quilts look good.  That should give an idea of just how grand this quilt is.  He couldn’t comfortably hold it open!

Mix It Up – Designers Duo 2019

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IMG_3009For the second year in a row I have had the honor of being named Guest Designer in my friend Nancy Rink and Sarah Maxwell‘s Designer Duo quilt pattern and quilt along.  Joining me as Guest Designers are Elisabeth Hardy of Elisabewquilts, Giuseppe Ribaudo, aka Giucy Giuce, Tiffany Hayes of Needle in a Hayes Stack, and Dolores Smith of Timeworn Toolbox. I hope you’ll keep an eye out for them too as we have all created something different.

This year Nancy and Sarah designed such a fun, interesting, and customizable pattern.  You’ll see as the QAL/quilt along kicks off this Friday, May 17th that this is a very different quilt in regards to layout.  This happens because of three different sized blocks used throughout the quilt, 18″, 12″, and 6″, making a 78″ x 90″ finished quilt including borders.

What I have so much fun doing is taking Nancy’s direction to “re-color” the original quilt with fabrics of my choice.  In this case she also asked me to redesign the layout of blocks into something new.  The pattern book talks about the idea of designing your own blocks or switching out the 12″ blocks with others of your choice.  I chose to utilize all but I think one of the blocks in the pattern and not replace anything, but I did mix up the layout to create a much different look.  As we all know, fabric placement can change everything and I enjoy doing just that. I did rearrange actual block placement but paired with fabric placement, I was able to make everything look very different from the original two layouts by Nancy and Sarah. IMG_3008

I chose to use a fat quarter bundle of ON THE LIGHTER SIDE from Robert Kaufman Fabrics for the prints in my quilt.  Using a Kona Solids color card, also from Robert Kaufman, I matched Kona fabrics to the colors in the prints.  A HUGE thank you to Robert Kaufman Fabrics for supporting this project, by the way.  I love using Kona Solids because I know I will get any and every color I could possibly need as they have created 343 colors.  Yup!  Three hundred and forty-three colors, People!


Using the low volume prints of On the Light Side collection and Kona Solids I created bold blocks that were a joy and a fun challenge to make.  Below is the list of Kona Solids that I matched to each print in the collection shown above.

KONA Cotton Solids in yards:
1387 White – 4 ½
1071 Charcoal – 1/6
1470 Pewter – 1/6
848 Blueprint – 1/4
1072 Chartreuse – 1/3
475 Grasshopper – 5/8
865 Pimento – 1/6
496 Nectarine – ½
840 Duckling – ½
419 Azalea – 1/6
233 Celestial – 1/6
7 Tomato – 5/8
410 Kumquat – 1/3
488 Dahlia – 1/6
476 Grellow – 1/3
1383 Violet – 1/6
1541 Deep Blue – 1/3
1049 Bright Pink – 1/3
407 Chestnut – 1/6
1066 Cerise – 1/6
1218 Marine – 1/6
K040-114 Jet Black – 1/6

I hope y’all join us in the QAL this summer! It’s going to be great because not only are we making amazing quilts, but Nancy and Sarah have some fun things planned. If you want to make quilts exactly like Nancy’s or Sarah’s you can order kits from Homestead Hearth, Fabric Essentials, and book only from Hancock’s of Paducah. If you just need a pattern book then you can order them from those shops or from Nancy herself HERE. And last but not least, here’s my version of the Designer Duo 2019 MIX IT UP quilt in all its glory. (Sorry there aren’t kits for my version. That’s why I gave you fabric requirements. 😉)

Paradigm is a Lucky Star

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Paradigm square.png

Sarah (Sari) Thomas, the mastermind behind the brand Sariditty, is having quite a year.  She is releasing her debut fabric collection this June/July 2019 with Hoffman Fabrics and she’s calling it PARADIGM.    This collection is full of bold color as well as soft pastels that really make for a great amount of depth to apply to quilt designs.  Sari also curated a beautiful collection of ME + YOU Indah Batiks from Hoffman Fabrics to compliment and work with her PARADIGM collection.



I was fortunate to have been asked by Sari to make something with her fabrics as she was developing her collection over the last year.  It is my pleasure to introduce you to my quilt I call LUCKY STAR.  I chose to use both foundation paper piecing (FPP) and traditional piecing to create this pattern.  I wanted to make a fun fussy cutting experience for myself, and eventually YOU, that would make featuring the beautiful designs in Sari’s fabrics easy to do so.



The digital printing process makes for very straight alignment of the designs on fabric so it’s perfect for FPP.  As I began cutting into PARADIGM I was soooo pleased with the preciseness of which the butterflies and lines were printed.  Things were made even easier for the fussy cutting process with my Daylight Wafer 2 Lightbox.  I printed out an extra copy of all my FPP units and then cut the pieces out of those units where the PARADIGM and directional ME + YOU fabrics would be used and made confident cuts of the fabrics.  Isn’t that the worst part of FPP?  Miss-cutting the fabric or even worse, wasting so many precious pieces of your beautiful fabric as you go through the FPP process.  Well that Wafer 2 Lightbox from Daylight is a game changer for FPP.   *Use code LADYK19 on the Daylight website to save 20% if you like.*


20190406_002309942_iOS20190403_234737812_iOSAs I designed my LUCKY STAR pattern I loved that the fabrics were going to allow for some great color play.  I don’t usually create designs that create a rainbow color palette but Sarah’s fabrics spoke to me and that was the way it went from the beginning.  I wanted to be sure to showcase the colors but also the absolutely stunning OFF WHITE print in PARADIGM.  Sarah is also a custom longarm quilter and it’s apparent in this print and so many others in the collection.  I wanted to make sure that the OFF WHITE fabric was featured, so I chose to design the layout of my quilt with on-point blocks that would need to have set in triangles and large squares of that fabric.  I love how it all came together and will be developing the pattern for sale later this year.

20190429_173323957_iOSThe quilting was done by Kim Burke of Golden Needle Quilting.  She guided me in my selection of a perfect edge to edge (E2E) design that would compliment the design and the fabrics.  Using a wool batting just accentuated both her work and mine and I’m so pleased with how everything turned out.

You can check out the PARADIGM lookbook HERE.  Like I said, PARADIGM will be available this summer and I hope you love making with it as much as I did.  My LUCKY STAR quilt pattern will also be available for purchase/download later this summer.  Please check out the list of amazingly talented Makers listed below who are all participating in honoring Sari and her beautiful, versatile and useful PARADIGM collection.20190410_001208143_iOS



22 April – Cristy Stuhldreher @loveyousew_
23 April – Rebecca Bryan @bryanhousequilts
24 April – Hilary Jordan @byhilaryjordan
25 April – Tiffany Sepulveda @sewtiffany
26 April – Karie Jewell @kariejewell
27 April – Jen Timko @jentimko
28 April – Cheri Lehnow @tinkerellen
29 April – Karen Miller @redbirdquiltco
30 April – ME! @ladykquilts
1 May – Nicholas Ball @quiltsfromtheattic
2 May – Nicole Daksiewicz @modernhandcraft
3 May – Nichole Vogelsinger @wildboho
4 May – Kate Toney @toughkittencrafts
5 May – Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill @wholecirclestudio
6 May – Karen Tripp @karenthediyaddict
7 May – Isabelle Selak @southbaybella
8 May – Elise Kwon @eliseandemelie
9 May – Jessica Kapitanski @sallietomatopatterns
10 May – Suzy Williams @suzyquilts
11 May – Sarah Thomas @sariditty

“K” is for Kitchen, Kitschy, Kawaii, and Karen


It’s day eleven on the TYPECAST OF CHARACTERS Blog Tour and my stop on this fun alphabet train.  The TYPECAST OF CHARACTERS (TOC) pattern is the newest pattern from both Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill of Whole Circle Studio and Paper Pieces dot com.  Welcome to the Paper Pieces family of designers, Sheri!  Sheri’s developed and designed a genius English Paper Pieced pattern of  English alphabet.

The versatility and endless ideas that these EPP letters allows for is quite something.  I was overwhelmed with the onslaught of ideas to the point that it took me some time to even decide on which of my precious fabrics to use.  I thought about the letter “K” and the words that came to mind were kitchen, kitschy, kawaii (cute in Japanese), and my name.  lol  I was lucky enough to pick up a bundle of Kokka “Light Hearted” fabrics at the fall quilt market in 2014.  I thought it would be fun to fussy cut for the EPP “K” and then to build a pillow around it doing more fussy cutting of the different prints.  This pillow was so fun!  EPP letters are even MORE fun!!

TYPECAST letters come as a perforated sheet of that wonderful tan cardstock that Paper Pieces dot com is known for.  After separating the different units from each other, I measured out each one, being sure to add 3/8 inch seam allowance.  After cutting the fabrics for each unit, I then went about prepping each unit for hand stitching them together.  I use a Sewline Glue Pen to temporarily securing the fabric to the paper template, being sure to carefully fold the 3/8 inch seam allowance of fabric around the edges of the template.  I repeat that until all the templates and fabric are as I want them.  Using Aurifil 50wt thread in coordinating colors I carefully stitched all my “K” units together using Clover Clips to hold unit to unit as I went.

The next thing to do was to decide exactly how I was going to feature my letter.  I’m a sucker for pillows and I hadn’t made a new pillow sham in a really long time so that’s what I decided to make.  I had this fun rectangular pillow insert and decided to make a couple of cute yet simple blocks to bookend my letter.  I machine pieced the blocks and top as well as the envelope backing, and quilted the whole thing with Aurifil in 50 weight thread. I’m pretty pleased with how things turned out. My pillow sham measure 16″ high by 25″ wide.

I just love that there’s such a fun and useful way to make letters using English Paper Piecing now. The letters all finish at 9″ tall and between 5 5/8″ – 6 3/4″ wide. Sheri’s pattern for her letters gives you all the information you need to successfully assemble letters as well as some great tips.

Below please find the list of characters who are on this fun alphabet train with me. Thanks again for having me, Sheri!!

❤️ K

TYPECAST OF CHARACTERS BLOG TOUR hosted by Whole Circle Studio:
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• Thursday, April 11— H: Hilary Jordan of By Hilary Jordan
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• Monday, April 15 — I: Kim Soper of Leland Ave Studios
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Holiday Elegance Table Set Pattern

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Happy Holidays to all!  I am pleased to offer you a free pattern to be used with the Crafter’s Companion GEMINI & Build-A-Block-PLUS die cutting system.  I always recommend adding quality tools to your sewing studio arsenal and the Build-A-Block-Plus die cutting system is a great tool to have at the ready, especially if you already own the GEMINI machine.  The BAB Plus includes three useful shapes, totaling a 14 piece set of dies.  You’ll get rectangles, half rectangle triangles, and isosceles triangles in sizes ranging from  1.5″ x 2.5″ all the way to 3.5″ x 6.5″, in order to make 4″, 6″, 8″ 9″ & 12″ blocks.  It’s a great collection of dies! To learn more about the Gemini tap HERE, and to learn more about the Build-A-Block Plus tap HERE.



Inspired by the colors and spirit of the holidays, I created a collection to be used for everyday use or entertaining those special family members, friends, and guests that you may host throughout the season.  The lovely people at Moda Fabrics have sponsored this project by providing the lush and absolutely gorgeous fabrics from William Morris & Co for the Victoria & Albert Museum.  The collection is called Morris Holiday Metallics and you can check them out in greater detail HERE.  

I’ve given you a pattern collection to make not only a beautiful 60″ long table runner, but four generous sized placemats, and a bonus project of coasters.  Use your own taste in fabrics to create a completely different aesthetic and design for your home, and even try out some of the block instructions that come with the Build-A-Block-Plus pattern guide and make new blocks to place in my settings.  Download and print out my Holiday Elegance Table Set pattern.


I’m thrilled to be a #brandpartner with Crafter’s Companion. The folks there have been lovely to work with. Thank you for this opportunity!